Susanne Lewis
Five Shades of White
Human Rocket
Local to Headtrip
Pill Popping Nation
Cherry Blossoms
Golden Imbued

Five Shades of White

On this road the grade gets steeper
The "keep in one piece" idea was good
But the ice beneath made you meeker
We were stranded that much I understood

Signs and maps fly with the snow
It just dawned on me
There's no one which way to go
Hitchhikers blown down by the wind
Take any off-ramp
And you're back exactly here again

Later along
The grade's steeper still
Five shades of white
The scenery is unreal
Below all the towns are little toy sets
Stay or go there's always some regret

Human Rocket

Flying by your head
Beyond time and speed
Soaring further than anyone ever
Human rocket
Farmed ligaments
Lights up and the come-on is on
Perfectly oiled monster machine
Racing through a new exotic scene

Please sail my
Highseas my
Highways my
Please sail my
Highseas my
Highways my

Surging by limits
While below the world sleeps
Hurling through deepest space
As an only one
Test pilot navigating the gene pool
Splits himself in two
Again and again...
Rding the wave of laughing gas
Getting bigger and smaller
It's all by chance
Local to Headtrip

Don't know what happened
I tried to keep myself together
I think you led me on
Was it kindness
Or a wish for kindness
I tried my best to keep turned from you

Black clouds rained on me
Waiting on sedation
Felt too exposed to you
So high inside the past
With strangers looking on
Coming down feeling sinister

Later when we spoke
You cut me even deeper
Sure I was mistaken
The whole thing's twisted
But tomorrow's almost here
And I'll forget all about you??

Cherry Blossoms

Floating by
Like pink down snow
Bright petals adorn the breeze

Under bows of glorious trees
Dream-induced by the beauty

(cherry blossoms...)

Golden Imbued

Going going in all directions
Scenes blur by and by
Happenstance and mirror loves play out

Concentric circles move outward
Thoughts drop almost float down
Like stones in a river bed
Glistening magic colors
Time smoothed and perfected you
in my mind

Just lost all direction
As five roads tie in a bow
Into the wild red sunset
Crows and dogs scatter
Over dusty hills
My heart takes wing and flies


Feel a reckless yearning
So I wander outside
I don't know belonging
It's something I don't hide

I want to know you
I'm hoping you could
Come to me be by me
I don't know what it will bring
Come closer talk to me
I don't know what will follow

All the streets are mine
I dance down them like a clown
Desperate for sunshine
In case you might be around


Warmer out to me
Better it seems to be
Warmer out to me
Better it seems to be
Give me some of it
Open me up to it

If it makes more sense to you
And you know more about it
Than I do
Let me in Let me in
Let me in on it


Sunrise shakes loose from winter rain
Suddenly you're here
I don't hear your name

In mid-air
I've thawed and come undone
Landing upside-down
I knew you'd be the one I'd love

Sunrise melts the ice inside me
Now the world is waking
It enfolds me

In mid-air
I've thawed and come undone
Landing upside-down
I knew you' be the one I'd love
Words and Music by Susanne Lewis
c. p. 1996 -1999 Susanne Lewis (BMI)

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